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Harold bennett

Harold Bennett

Real Name: Unrevealed, "Harold Bennett" is not his real name but is used to protect identity
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Texas
Date: 1967


Details: In 1967, Dr. Larry Dossey was a young intern at a hospital in Texas. One afternoon, he was assigned a new patient named "Harold Bennett", who was very ill and weak. He did several different tests but could not find out why he was sick.

A baffled Larry called in another intern, Dr. William Hensley; he asked Harold if anything unusual had happened to him. Harold asked him if he believed in voodoo, which reminded William of his grandmother's Texas ranch. While visiting her in 1945, he met a woman named Mary who claimed to be a voodoo queen. William claimed that he actually witnessed her powers at work after a young woman was assaulted by one of the workers. When the constable came to arrest the man, William's grandmother refused to let that happen. Instead, she had the man sent to the back of the ranch. Later that day, Mary put a death hex on the man; he died soon afterward.
Harold told William that he had refused to pay a fortune teller, who cursed him with a death hex. Larry was unsure what to do and did not believe in voodoo. However, William knew that they needed to do a voodoo ceremony to save Harold. William knew they needed fire, a body part, and had to convince Harold that they were superior and that they could overcome the hex.
That night, the doctors lit a drug on fire, took a lock of Harold's hair, and began the incantation. Harold was then apparently released of the hex by the doctors. By the next morning, he seemed to be completely recovered, and the doctors were amazed. The doctors believe that Harold's belief in the hex and voodoo helped save his life.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 17, 1995 episode. Dossey was also interviewed for the segment about the "Power of Prayer".
Results: Unsolved