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Network: Court TV (now TruTV)
First Episode: December 21, 2005
Last Episode: October 25, 2008
Status: Ended

  • Patrick Burns - Host/Paranormal Investigator
  • John Oliver - Medium/Paranormal Investigator
  • Carla Baron - Psychic Profiler


Details: Haunting Evidence was sort of the Court TV version of "Ghost Hunters" from the Sci-Fi Channel. Patrick Burns and John Oliver were noted paranormal investigators joined by psychic Carla Baron who participated with law enforcement officials and police departments in culling new evidence for investigations from their cold case files. In each episode, Patrick Burns treated the case as a paranormal investigation as John Oliver and Carla Baron used their psychic abilities to give their perceptions of the case and visions of the incident itself, culminating in a night-time investigation where the team attempted to make contact with the victim's spirit and obtain the evidence that would solve the case. Of the cases they examined, only one, the murder of Katie Sepich, ended with an arrest and conviction. The series also dabbled in several of the most famous cases of the time, most notably that of Natalee Holloway, Chandra Levy and Joyce Chiang, Madeleine McCann and the even the mystery of the Zodiac Killer. The series developed a loyal following and a fan base, but it didn't seem to take off as a top-rated series for Court TV. Whether it was because of the general format of the series or the credibility of Carla or John's psychic visions to skeptics, the series lasted just over two seasons and a very brief four episode third season before it ended, cancelled before the chances of a results show could reveal the accuracy of Carla or John's visions.


First Season[]

Second Season[]

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