Bullock hotel

Hotel Bullock

Case File: Hotel Bullock
Location: Deadwood, South Dakota
Date: 1887 to Recent
Description: The Hotel Bullock dates back to the founding of Deadwood. The old west Hotel has had several renovations over the years.

Seth bullock

Seth Bullock


History: In 1887, Seth Bullock was sent to the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, to become the town's first sheriff and help clean up the small mining community. One day, he encountered three men who he thought were cattle rustlers. One of the men turned out to be Teddy Roosevelt; the two became the best of friends. In 1895, Bullock and his business partner Sol Star created the Hotel Bullock, which was the first hotel in the city of Deadwood.
Bullock died in the hotel in September of 1919, just a few months after his friend Teddy Roosevelt passed away. Soon afterwards, several people claimed that his spirit began haunting the hotel. Several employees, guests, and tourists have reported several strange occurrences happening in the hotel. One reported seeing a shadow of a man walk along a wall. Another claimed that something moved the bar stools away from the bar, even though nobody was in the area. Yet another employee claimed to see a man in 1800s attire appear and disappear in the back room.
People have also experienced hearing disembodied voices, seeing orbs, feeling somebody touching them, and seeing apparitions of Bullock.
Then, in 1991, an psychic from England, coincidentally named Sandy Bullock, began getting communications from Seth Bullock, who told him that he was angered about the gambling laws in Deadwood. He also told him that the gambling should stop or a period of lawlessness will ensue.
Sandy wrote a letter to the owner of the hotel. She believed him because he mentioned several details about Seth and the hotel that were not available to the general public. A journalist wrote back to Sandy, giving him a question about Seth that could not be easily answered by someone living in England. The question was about his friendship with Teddy Roosevelt and Seth's grave-site; Sandy answered correctly.

Sandy bullock

Background: Deadwood is a city in South Dakota which has a population of 1,270 as of 2010. Many prospectors moved there during the 1870s due to the amount of gold in the area. "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot to death in the town. Calamity Jane also lived there for a time. Seth Bullock became the first sheriff of the city in 1887, and in 1895, he along with his business partner Sol Star, built the Hotel Bullock.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the December 9, 1992 episode. The hotel was also featured on Ghost Adventures.
Results: Unsolved