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Sketches of the I-70 Killer

Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: May 7, 1992; January 15, 1994


Details: Interstate 70 runs from Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah. Beginning in April 1992, it has lent its name to a serial killer known as the "I-70 Killer," who has committed a string of murders within a few miles of it in several Midwestern states.
The first victim was twenty-six-year-old Robin Fuldauer; she was shot and killed on April 8, 1992 at a Payless ShoeSource store in Indianapolis, Indiana that she worked at. Three days later, thirty-two-year-old Patricia Magers and twenty-three-year-old Patricia Smith were also shot to death in the back store room of "La' Bride d'Elegance", a Wichita, Kansas bridal shop that they worked at. Both were happily married; Magers and her husband owned the shop at the time. Three weeks later, on May 3, 1992, twenty-four-year-old Nancy Kitzmiller was murdered at a Western boot shop in St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, that she worked at as a manager. She had recently qualified to join a government map-making team and was awaiting assignment when she was killed.

The four murders took place in three different states, separated by more than 1200 miles. At first glance, they seemed to be random killings. However, each one took place at a shopping mall, just off Interstate 70 or a connecting highway. Soon, it was clear that they were connected.
The next victim was thirty-seven-year-old Sarah Blessing. She was slain at her gift shop at the Woodson Village Shopping Center in Raytown, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City. This took place on May 7, four days after Nancy's murder. At 6:30pm, an auctioneer saw a mysterious unidentified man walk in and out of his store suspiciously. Minutes later, Tim Hickman, who owned a video store next to Sarah's, saw him walk past his store and enter hers. He then heard a loud pop and saw him walk around the corner near the store. A grocery clerk collecting shopping carts saw him climb a hill to Interstate 70 and vanish. Meanwhile, Tim went into Sarah's store and found her body.
Ballistics tests confirmed that all women were killed by the same gun, a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol (possibly an Intratec Scorpion or Erma Werke Model ET 22). It was then linked to another victim. On April 27, 1992, forty-year-old ceramics store clerk Michael McCown was murdered in Terre Haute, Indiana. He is the I-70 killer's only male murder victim. He had long hair which he wore in a ponytail, and police believe that this caused the killer to mistake him for a female.

Map and Photographs of the I-70 Victims

There are also possible links to two more deaths and an attempted murder along Interstates 35 and 45 in Texas. On September 25, 1993, fifty-one-year-old Mary Ann Glasscock was killed execution-style at an Fort Worth, Texas antique store and twenty-two-year-old Amy Vess was murdered on November 1, 1993, while working at a dancewear shop in Arlington, Texas. The surviving victim, Vicki Webb, was shot and left paralyzed by the assailant on January 15, 1994, in Houston.
The best lead in this case came from Wichita in the Smith/Majors murder. Police believe that the I-70 killer chose the bridal shop because he believed that only a single female clerk was there. He was probably surprised to find two women on duty. Shortly after he shot them, a customer came to pick up a cummerbund for his tuxedo and was confronted by him. Surprisingly, he let him leave without injury. He went to the police and helped create a composite of the killer.
Suspect: The I-70 killer is a white male between 5'8" and 6'0"; he weighs 170 pounds and was thought to be between thirty-five and forty-years-old (in 1994). He has reddish hair, thin lips, a high forehead, and "lazy" eyelids. He was neatly dressed and clean-cut. He is described as walking around as if in a "trance", like he was "thinking about something else." Based on jeweler's rouge that was found on the bullet casings, it is believed that he knew about caring for weapons. Although he took some money from each of the victims, robbery is not believed to be his motive.
Herb Baumeister from Westfield, Indiana was suspected of being the I-70 killer, but he committed suicide after numerous human bones were discovered on his estate. They turned out to be male; he was alleged to have killed male homosexuals and could not be linked to the murders. However, he did match the I-70 killer's description and dumped several bodies in at least two different states.
Donald Michael Prince, later Donald Albin Blom, convicted in the murder of Kathlyn Elizabeth Poirier and a second unknown victim and has also been named as a suspect in the murders. He was known to be suffering from throat cancer, which is now in remission, and to have owned a .22 semi automatic similar which was used to killed Patricia Magers and Patricia Smith.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 4, 1994 episode. It has also been profiled on America's Most Wanted. It was also covered in much more detail on Dark Minds.
Results: Wanted