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Jack Quinn

Real Name: John Anthony Quinn
Aliases: Jack Quinn, Calvin Clukey
Wanted For: Theft
Missing Since: April 9, 1988


Details: Jack Quinn was the vice president and general manager of Federal Protection Services, a company that provided security and armed guards to banks and other institutions. Every day, the company handled millions of dollars in cash, and Quinn oversaw the company's security operations.
At 8AM on Saturday, April 9, 1988, Quinn arrived at his office. Only a few people, including supervisor Harry Goldberg, were working that day. While Harry was working at his desk, Quinn was "working" in the vault. Harry often passed the vault area and did not notice Quinn doing anything strange. Somehow, without being detected, Quinn transferred $1.3 million in cash from the vault into several boxes.
Outside, Quinn put the money in the trunk of his company car and his personal car. He drove back to his home and dropped off his personal car. He said goodbye to his wife, and then got into Harry's car. Harry then drove him and Quinn back to the office; he was completely unaware of Quinn's plans. Quinn then got into his company car and drove to Palm Beach International Airport. Authorities believe he placed the money into suitcases. The ticket on the car says that it arrived in the parking lot at 5PM. After that, there is no trace of Jack Quinn. There is no evidence of him going on a flight or getting a cab.
When Quinn did not return home, his wife called the office; they had no idea where Quinn had gone. The next morning, she found $107,000 in the trunk of the personal car. She turned the money into the police. She also found a letter, written by Quinn, which stated that he had done something wrong and did not want to stay and face the consequences. Unfortunately, the money that Quinn stole is untraceable, so it is difficult for the authorities to track him.
The investigation determined that Quinn had been suspected of stealing money from the company before, as money had gone missing several times under his watch. Quinn's wife remembered that on one occasion, she had found a large wad of money hidden in their car. When she would find large amounts of money, Quinn would often tell her that he had sold something.
The investigation also revealed that Quinn had previously rented a ten-acre horse ranch, which was suspicious to friends and family because he only had a $35,000 annual income. Several weeks prior to his disappearance, Quinn learned that he would be facing jail time due to not paying money back to the IRS. There was also evidence that he was having an affair. Several times in the month prior to the theft, he would leave for work at 5AM, but not arrive at work until 9:30 am. It is believed that he was meeting his mistress during this time. It is also suspected that he may have ran away with her.
Quinn is still wanted for theft; he has not been seen since April 9, 1988.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 14, 1988 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Age Progression of what Jack Quinn may look like in his 70s.

Results: Wanted. In 1992, the FBI traced Quinn to Houston, Texas, after acquiring a driver's license under the name of his brother-in-law. However, he vanished again before the FBI could arrest him, and he is still wanted by the police. Authorities believe he may now be living in Hawaii or Maryland. He is stocky, 5'7", with thinning brown hair, brown eyes. He was birthdate is January 7, 1940 and would now be eighty-one. He is fluent in Spanish. His whereabouts remain unknown.