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Jacquelyn Tendall

Real Name: Jacquelyn Ann Tendall
Nicknames: Jackie
Location: Orland Park, Illinois
Date: December 10, 1988


Details: On December 10, 1988, fifty-five-year-old Jacquelyn Tendall went Christmas shopping with her granddaughter at the Orland Square Shopping Center in Orland Park, Illinois. While there, she realized that she had locked her keys in her car. At 3:14pm, a security guard went with them to her car to help her retrieve her keys. They were walking side-by-side along one of the mall's access roads when a car struck Jacquelyn from behind while traveling at a high rate of speed. She flew into the air, hit the roof of the car, and landed on the pavement as it sped away. It continued westbound on Orland Park Drive, then turned around in the opposite direction. Jacquelyn was taken to a nearby hospital where she died three days later. Neither the car nor the suspect have ever been located.

Suspect's Vehicle

Suspects: The suspect's car was described as a two-door Buick Electra or Park Avenue, light blue with model year 1986 or 1987.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 22, 1993 episode, along with two other hit-and-run cases, those of Cachimba and Gail Jordan and Dawn Lamont.
Results: Unsolved. Jacquelyn's relatives received an anonymous tip regarding her case which was investigated by a private detective. However, it is not known if anything came of it.