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Real Name: James Van Praagh
Occupation: Psychic
Place Of Birth: Bayside, New York
Date Of Birth: August 23, 1958
Location: Various


Background: James Van Praagh is a self-proclaimed medium and psychic who claims that his paranormal and psychic abilities enable him to contact the spirits of the deceased and give detailed messages from the deceased to their living loved ones in order to help them overcome the grief of the deaths. Unsolved Mysteries invited ten people to a live session with Praagh. None of them had ever met with Praagh before and were all looking to find information about their deceased loved ones. The session lasted several hours, and by the end, six of the people felt that Praagh had correctly identified their loved ones, and most felt a sense of comfort and healing, which Praagh always hopes for. However, skeptic Michael Shermer, who was planted in the group, believes that Praagh merely uses "cold reading" to guess information about the subjects. James Van Praagh continues to work as a psychic to this day.
Case Files:

  • Doug Raskin
  • Debi Whitlock
  • Kevin Wheel
  • Paula Hartman - Paula's mother passed away from emphysema in 1986. She was invited to the seance, where James accurately described her mother and her death.
  • Laura Wachler - Laura's husband was killed in a hit-and-run accident. She was invited to the seance, where James accurately described his death. He also accurately pointed out that she was going to be re-married soon, something that very few people knew about.

Notes: This case was featured as a part of the February 3, 1995 episode, titled "Mysteries of the Psychic Mind". He was also featured on Unexplained Mysteries.