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Real Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Jane Arroyo Grande Doe; Arroyo Grande Jane Doe
Location: Henderson, Nevada
Date: October 5, 1980


Details: The nude body of young woman was found on a dirt road in Henderson, Nevada. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed to death only within the past 24 hours before the discovery of her body. Despite being able to extract DNA from her body, her identity remained a mystery. The case was eventually closed but was reopened in 2015.
She was estimated to been between seventeen to nineteen years old. She was estimated to be 5'2" tall, and weighed 102 pounds. She has a light brown hair and blue eyes. She has a "S" or "5" shaped tattoo on her right forearm, a vacation scar on her bicep, and her ears are pierced. She previously had dental work done on her teeth in the past.
Suspects: None Known
Extra Notes: This case was featured on the thirtieth episode of the Unsolved Mysteries Podcast, which was released on September 7, 2021.
Results: Unsolved