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Janice Wilhelm

Real Name: Janice Lee Robeson Wilhelm
Nicknames: Jan
Location: Centerville, Texas
Date: December 8, 2010


Details: After taking a nap, sixty-five year-old, Gerald Wilhelm, wakes up to find his wife, sixty-three-year old, Janice, dead from a gunshot wound to the neck. Her death was quickly ruled as a suicide. However, Janice's adult children from previous marriages, Wayne Robeson and Jennifer Davis, protested the ruling. They noted that Janice was physically incapable of placing a gun to her neck as a result of a surgical remove of a tumor in her past and that she was intimidated by firearms for the entirety of her life.
Suspects: Gerald Wilhelm. Janice's children believe he murdered their mother to sale her family's land which had oil on it.
Extra Notes: This case was featured on the twenty-first episode of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, which was released on July 7, 2021.
Results: Unsolved. Janice's mother, Mable Robeson passed way in 2013.