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Janie halliday angels

Real Name: Janie Halliday Shamo
Case: Spirit Phenomenon
Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona
Date: July 1976


History: Thirteen-year-old Janie Halliday vacationed at the Grand Canyon in July 1976 with her brother and sister-in-law and came back with a story that was more than she ever thought was possible.
While at a viewing site in the Painted Desert, Janie posed in various ways to try and get a good picture, but as she did so she mis-stepped and slid down the side of a hill. At the exact same time back in Michigan, her mother, Shirley, felt compelled to read a certain passage from the Bible and also had an overwhelming feeling that she was going to die.
As Janie slid down the hill she somehow stopped, right before falling off a huge cliff. She tried to climb back up. At the same time back in Michigan, Shirley pleaded with God and asked to save her. She read another Bible passage about angels and knew that there was one with Janie at the Grand Canyon at that exact same time. She was able to climb back up to the top of the hill relatively unscathed.
Janie believed that an angel saved her life that fateful day. She believes that it also helped her climb back up the hill. After the trip, she talked to Shirley about her fall, and they realized that Shirley's feeling and Bible reading happened at the same time. They discussed the reading in the Bible and how the angels may have helped save her life.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 25, 1994 episode about angels, along with that of Estela Vera. It was also documented on It's a Miracle.
Results: Unsolved. It is still unknown if an angel saved Janie's life that day.
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