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Jerome Bargo

Real Name: Jerome Alan Bargo
Aliases: Terry G. Howell, Curtis Ray Fee, George Adkins, Jerry Lawson, Stanley Matthews, Dennis Robert Whaley, Harvey J. Sturdivant, Roy Walters, Michael Bruce Walters
Wanted For: Attempted Murder, Burglary, Escape, Questioning in Murder
Missing Since: May 10, 1988


Details: On September 16, 1987, Jerome Bargo and an accomplice used a U-haul truck to rob a video store in Neosho, Missouri, but while driving through Bentonville, Arkansas, they were stopped by two police officers, David Huff and James Dray. While the two men were inspecting the truck, Bargo stole Huff's gun and began firing at Dray, who was hit in the chest.

James Dray

Bargo was soon arrested by police, tried and convicted of attempted murder and burglary and was sentenced to 140 years in prison. However, on May 10, 1988, Bargo escaped from prison. Bargo has not been seen since, and along with the escape, he is wanted for questioning in the death of a state trooper.
Extra Notes: The original airdate of the segment is unrevealed. Bargo was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Captured. On September 3, 2003, Bargo was arrested in North Carolina on a minor drug charge, while under the alias Michael Walters. His fingerprints confirmed that he was actually Jerome Bargo. However, he had vanished before police figured out his true identity. However, he was arrested at a bar soon afterwards and was returned to Arkansas to finish his sentence.