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Joe OBrien.

Real Name: Joseph O'Brien
Case: Psychic Dreams
Location:  Crestline, California
Date: January 1991


Details: In January of 1991, a Crestline, California man named Joe O'Brien was worried about his close friend of thirteen years, Kuwati jet pilot Mohammed "Sammy" Mubarak, as the Operation Desert Storm began. One evening, he saw Sammy on the television, and learned that he had been captured and was being held prisoner. Later that night, Joe had a strange and shocking dream. In his dream, he was aware that he was actually Sammy. He realized that he was in a cold prison cell; all he had was a small, striped blanket with an intricate pattern. He also realized that his wrists were sore. He remembered that he was in great pain because of his wrists.

Sammy Mubarak

Shortly afterwards, Joe woke up and found that his wrists were sore, just like in his dream. That same morning, he met a friend, John Gough, for breakfast. John noticed that Joe's hands were red and that he was having trouble picking up his coffee cup. He then told John about his dream and the wrist pains. Strangely, the sore wrists lasted for over five days. A few weeks later, Iraq surrendered, and Sammy was released.
The following Christmas, Joe was reunited with Sammy, and told him about his strange dream. Surprisingly, Sammy confirmed that all of the details in Joe's dream were accurate, including the pattern on the blanket and the very sore wrists, which happened because of tight handcuffs. Joe and Sammy believe that their friendship is what connected them together.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 20, 1995 episode.
Results: Unsolved