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John Simmons

Real Name: John Benjamin Simmons
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: September 14, 1988


Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: February 11, 1973
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 pounds
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: African-American male. Black hair, brown eyes.


Details: Fifteen-year-old John Simmons lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended George Washington Carver School of Engineering and Science. He vanished after returning home from school on September 14, 1988; it was his first day of tenth grade. Police considered him a runaway. However, his mother Jacqui did not believe that he left on his own accord; although he did not have many friends, he was doing well in school and always left her notes, telling her of his whereabouts. Based on information she learned from people in her neighborhood, she suspected foul play. She has searched for him ever since and has offered a $2,000 reward for information in the case.
Suspects: Neighborhood kids suggested to Jacqui that John may have been abducted by drug dealers who tried to recruit him to deal for them. Some of the kids reported that on the day of his disappearance, they saw him get into a jet-black Cadillac with tinted windows on 49th street. The Cadillac was allegedly driven by drug dealers. According to some witnesses, these same dealers threatened to kill them if they talked to the police.
Extra Notes:

Results: Unresolved. In April 1993, John's skeletal remains were found in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. He had been shot in the head and then left on the hill where his remains were later located. Keys found with his remains unlocked his front door; identification was confirmed through dental records.
Police and John's mother Jacqui believe that drugs were involved in his disappearance and death and that he was murdered by drug dealers. However, no one has been arrested in the case.
After John vanished, Jacqui began to help other parents of missing persons. She continues to help them, even after the discovery of her son's remains.