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John and Cecilia Keating

Real Names: John and Cecilia Kealing
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Drug Manufacturing
Missing Since: November 1989


Details: John and Cecilia Kealing were involved in making illegal methamphetamines in a highly dangerous makeshift laboratory in a home in San Bernadino. On November 6, 1988, police surrounded it and arrested them. About forty minutes later, their partner, Elmer Locker Jr., returned and noticed the police were there. He tried to drive away, but was trapped by officers and arrested.
While in jail, Elmer reached out to his elderly parents and brother, Bob, to help. Bob felt obligated to help him since he was family. Bob and their parents went to the visit a bail bondsman. Elmer's bail had been set at $700,000 and John and Cecilia at $175,000. He convinced his family to get all three of them out of jail so that they could adequately defend themselves.
To bail Elmer out, the Lockers handed over the deed to their Santa Monica home and a check for $74,000. This was nearly all of their life savings. In addition, Bob gave the bondsman a deed to his Pacific Palisades home to guarantee John and Cecilia bond. The bondsman made it clear that if Elmer, John, and Cecilia jumped bail and did not return in six months, Bob and their parents would lose their homes.
On December 7, 1988, Bob went to the county courthouse to pick up Elmer. He assured Bob that their parents' trust had not been misplaced. During the next year, Elmer tried to get his business affairs in order. Despite the fact that he sold off several luxury cars, their parents still had to support him. On November 30, 1989, the Lockers received a suicide note from Elmer. This was the same day that he was supposed to appear in court. It was postmarked Las Vegas. His family and the authorities are convinced that he is still alive and in hiding.
Neither Elmer, John, or Cecilia have been seen since they vanished in November 1989. The Lockers have already lost $74,000 and fear they may soon lose their home. They hope that Elmer, John, and Cecilia will be found before May 30, 1990; at that point, they will lose their homes.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 28, 1990 episode.
Results: Captured. Elmer was arrested in Las Vegas thanks to viewers tips. John and Cecilia remained fugitives until they were arrested in New Mexico in April 1992, but their arrest was too late for Bob, who lost his home as a result. They both pleaded guilty to drug manufacturing and were sentenced to ten years in prison.