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John and patti eggleston

John and Patti Eggleston

Real Names: John and Patricia Eggleston
Case: Unusal Phenomenon
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: January 28, 1989


Details: On January 28, 1989, John and Patti Eggleston had finished skiing with their two sons, Johnny and Chris, and left the ski resort to drive seventy miles to their home in Seattle. Then their car slid off a bridge and fell eighty feet into a river below. It quickly filled with ice cold water. Patti, who normally would have panicked, had a feeling of love and guidance. She believes that it helped give her the strength to rescue Johnny and Chris. Sadly, John died on impact; however, Patti believes that his spirit helped her save Johnny and Chris.
After leaving the hospital, Patti tried to cope with her loss. One night, she felt that John was with her in their bedroom. However, she did not see him at that time. A Seattle physician named Melvin Morse studied her case and several other widows being visited by their husbands; he believes that she is genuine.
One night, John appeared in bodily form; he and Patti began communicating with each other, even though his lips were not moving. She claims that his visits continued for a year until she was able to get her life back together. Some believe that her visions were nothing but hallucination, but for her, she is certain that she saw his spirit.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 4, 1994 episode, about after death visits, along with that of Paige Roark.
Results: Unsolved