Jonathan kern1

Johnathan Kern

Real Name: Jonathan Nigel-Philip Kern
Aliases: Jonathan Palmer
Wanted For: Fraud
Missing Since: 1994


Details: Jonathan Kern is a con-artist and another Sweetheart Swindler who has been working since 1989. He wines and dines unsuspecting women throughout Europe, the whole time impersonating race car driver Jonathan Palmer, then robs his lady friends of money he never intends to pay back. In the process, he racks up bills and fees all in the real Palmer's name. In October of 1994, he went to America and met Elizabeth Grzeszczyk at a Miami hotel. Elizabeth had her doubts at first that Jonathan was the famous race car driver, as she knew some information about the man, but when she saw his passport, she was certain that he was Palmer. Another person impressed by "Palmer" was a car dealer who gave him a $78,000 Jaguar free of charge to use while in town.

In fact, everyone at the hotel, including its owner, believed that Kern was Palmer. Soon, he and Elizabeth began a relationship. Then, one week later, Kern left without paying any of his $3000 bill. Eventually, Elizabeth invited Kern to come and live in her Milford, Connecticut home. At the time, she still believed that he was Palmer. Kern began to focus on her money, and convinced her to accept a personal check drawn on an Italian bank for $8000. But when the check cleared, Elizabeth's doubts subsided.
Kern often took trips to Manhattan in a $125,000 Mercedes lent to him by a local dealer, and also carried Elizabeth's ATM card. One day, Kern claimed that his wallet was stolen, so Elizabeth told him to use the money on the card, which he soon took all of. When Kern returned, Elizabeth had a change of heart and told him to leave. When she called the phone numbers on her bill, the people said they didn't know Jonathan Palmer. Then, Elizabeth learned that Kern had been romancing other women while the two were together.
Finally, a year after Elizabeth's bank cleared the check from Kern, the bank learned that the check was no good. The swindling by Kern cost Elizabeth $15,000, so she was forced to file bankruptcy. Authorities are certain that Elizabeth was not Kern's first, nor last victim, and that he is continuing his scam in other places. He is wanted for forgery, felony criminal impersonation, and larceny.
Extra Notes: This segment ran for the first time on September 27, 1996. Kern was also featured on America's Most Wanted.
Elizabeth later wrote the book I Fell in Love with a Con Man about the case.
Results: Unresolved. In 1997, Jonathan Kern was arrested in Paris, France, on fraud charges. An Unsolved Mysteries viewer had previously placed him in Paris, publishing bogus magazines. Elizabeth traveled to Paris to testify against him. He was convicted of the charges and sentenced to prison. However, he was released before he could be extradited to the United States. He still has an outstanding warrant for him in Connecticut. Elizabeth and the authorities believe that he is still involved in fraud schemes in Europe.