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Jorge Landeros

Real Name: Jorge Rueda Landeros
Aliases: Landeros Jorge Rueda
Wanted for: First Degree Murder, Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution,
Missing Since: May 2011


Details: Fifty-Two-year old professor at American University, Sue Ann Macrum was dead at a stairwell in her new home in Bethesda, Maryland. Sue's cause of death was determined to from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. DNA was also found under her nails, presumably from Sue trying to fight off her attacker. Sue's car, a Jeep Cherokee, was also missing from her home. Using Miles NCIC, Investigators were able to quickly locate Sue's car, which was being driven by an eighteen-year-old man. He insists that he was unaware about the vehicle being connected to a murder and claimed it was found abandon by his older brother. DNA from the suspect did not match any from the crime scene.

Sue Macrum

Investigators later found a life insurance worth $500,000 with Jorge Landeros as the beneficiary. Landeros met Sue sometime in 2005. Sue became fascinated with him as he became her Spanish teacher and yoga buddy. They also opened investment accounts in 2008, in which Sue gave Landeros money to invest on her behalf. Landeros ultimately lost the money in some bad investment decisions, leaving Sue upset. With the assistance of a El Paso homicide detective, investigators were able to get Landeros to consent to have DNA taken from him from though a swab. The DNA sample matched from Landeros matched those from the crime scene. Investigators believed that after he murdered Sue, Landeros staged the crime scene to look like a robbery. Landeros was seen teaching Yoga in Ciudad Juárez, but he couldn't be arrested yet as Mexican Goverment hadn't issued a provisional warrant.
Landeros is a White Latino male with black hair and brown eyes. He is six-feet-tall and is 200 lbs. He was born on December 31, 1969 and would be now in his fifties. It is believed that Landeroes is still in his native Mexico, although he may have since moved to Central America. Some believe Landeros has also managed to find a way to return to the United States, with one of Sue's friend stating that he thinks he is smart enough to evade arrest.
Extra Notes: This case was featured on the twenty-third episode of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, which was released on July 21, 2021. Landeros was previously profiled on The Hunt with John Walsh.
Results: Wanted