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Joseph Mancini

Real Name: Joseph Carl Mancini
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Rape, Larceny, Escape
Missing Since: March 19, 1987


Details: In 1979, thirty-one-year-old convicted serial rapist Joseph Mancini was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for sexual assault. He was also sentenced to ten years for grand larceny. On March 19, 1987, he escaped from the Southern Nevada Correctional Center outside Las Vegas by concealing himself in an employee’s van. He is considered to be extremely dangerous. It was only by luck that he did not kill any police officers during his escape. Since then, attempts to take him into custody have resulted in violent fights. He is known to be an experienced construction worker and carpenter.
Extra Notes:

Results: Captured. In 1998, Mancini was arrested in California for car theft and assault. At the time, he was using the alias "Richard Lobb". He was convicted of the charges and sentenced to seven years in prison. However, it was not until July 1998 that authorities determined through fingerprint analysis that "Lobb" was, in reality, Mancini. They discovered his true identity after placing his fingerprints into an automated print identification system and comparing them with prints from other states.
In August 1999, Mancini was convicted of escape in Nevada and given a three-year sentence. He was then returned to California to serve the rest of his sentence there. After completing that sentence, he was returned to Nevada to serve the rest of his sentence there. His parole was most recently denied in 2018. He is serving his sentence in close security due to his previous escapes.