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Kelly Finnegan

Real Name: Kelly Finnegan
Aliases: Robbi Golden, Kathleen Bennett, Kathy Marie Bruan, Jamie Stewart, Annette
Wanted For: Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Poisoning
Missing Since: November 1993


Details: Twenty-eight-year-old Kelly Finnegan is wanted for drugging and robbing several businessman between 1983 and 1993. Two of them were Giants umpire Terry Tata and thirty-three-year-old engineering consultant Prem Kumar of Washington D.C.. On the night of November 1, 1993, Prem was at a San Francisco hotel bar when he was approached by Kelly, who was going by the name "Annette". She told him that she was with a friend who left her to go with a man. They talked for a while before Prem invited her to dinner in his hotel room.
When they arrived at his room, she made two requests. She claimed that she had a headache, so she asked for black coffee. She also asked for some red wine. As they shared a bottle of it, they began to kiss. However, she stopped him and told him that she had sensitive skin. She asked if he could shave his face. While he did so, she put a tranquilizer in his glass of wine.
When Prem returned, Kelly asked him to take his shirt off. They finished their glasses of wine; then she gave him a massage. Within a minute, he passed out. When he woke up, he discovered that she had robbed him of all his possessions. When he called the police, they recognized the M.O. as hers. Since 1983, she has allegedly committed the "red wine con" in several Western states, including Nevada, Arizona, Washington, and California. She is believed to have struck several times at hotel bars in Burlingame, California.
Police believe that Kelly uses an anti-depressant drug which is difficult to taste in red wine. It is not known how many people she has victimized as married men may be afraid to come forward. She is wanted for robbery, burglary, theft, and poisoning. Police believe that she will almost certainly not use her real name.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 4, 1994 episode.
Results: Captured. In June 1996, Kelly ran a red light in Dekalb County, Georgia. She was arrested after she was unable to provide identification. A Dekalb County sheriff recognized her from a rerun of the episode and called the telecenter. She was returned to California to face charges.
Kelly was tried for drugging and robbing Terry Tata, Prem Kumar, and another man. The jury found her not guilty in one case; they deadlocked in Terry and Prem's. She had lost weight since the crimes three years earlier; as a result, the witnesses had trouble identifying her. In December, a judge dismissed the California charges against her. However, she still faced charges in Dallas for similar crimes.