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Case File: Kelsay House
Location: Reno, Nevada
Date: 1860
Description: The Kelsay House is described as a simple two-story wood-frame house moved from Virginia City.


Bio: The Kelsay House is a reputed haunted one located near Reno, Nevada. It was moved to its current location from Virginia City where it resided next to the cemetery for many years before being moved to 600 Geiger Grade in Reno, where it first became known as a haunted residence. The first series of encounters lasted from 1977 to 1981 and involved all members of the Kelsay family. At night, they would hear the sounds of footsteps walking up and down the stairs. They would also hear a "swooshing" sound as if someone's dress was dragging on the ground. A tall male ghost, nicknamed "Samuel" by the Kelsays, has appeared in the kitchen and bedrooms. The manifestations centered around four-year-old Jennifer, whose bed levitated on several occasions. On one occasion, she saw a young boy and an older man standing behind him at the foot of her bed.
The Kelsays brought in a local psychic, Dan Martin, to help determine what was occurring in the house. While in a trance, he claims that he met "Samuel", that he was there to protect Jennifer, and that he did not want to harm the Kelsays.

Mystery Photo

The Kelsays later moved to a different house. While there, Susan Kelsay took several pictures of their newborn son, Scottie. After getting them developed, she found one which showed the face of an unknown man. She believes that it is of "Samuel", and that he joined the Kelsays in their new home.
However, three different ghosts haunted the Robinson family when they rented the house from the Kelsays in October 1989. The visitations began with footsteps and the disembodied voice of an angry man with white hair separate from "Samuel". Eleven-year-old Garrett was chased from the house one day, after hearing the voices of two male and one female ghost coming from the upstairs bedrooms. After getting outside, he noticed that the screen door was opening and closing on its own. He also saw an old man smiling in the window. Six-year-old Miles once levitated in his bed. In January 1990, after many sleepless nights, the Robinsons could no longer tolerate the angry spirits and moved out of the house. Dan was brought in again; this time, he met three different ghosts (two men and one woman). The Kelsays sold the house in 1992.
New research indicates the house is now owned by a casino in Las Vegas. It is presently being investigated by a paranormal team.
Background: According to Dionysius Kelsay, the house was built in 1877 in Carson City and moved to Fish Springs in the late 1920s to the property of a grandfather's homestead on Bob White Lane, now named Magpie Lane. Susan saved it from demolition in 1977 on the 100th anniversary of its construction. The Kelsays experienced activity during renovations to it from 1977 to when they moved out in 1988. They rented it to the Robinsons and relocated to California. She further recalls that during the house-moving process that the roof hit power lines and caused a fire. The publicity resulted in a visit by the previous family to live in the house. Their 91-year-old mother had been born in it in the 1880s.


Reno's Real Haunted House

The Kelsay House

Investigations: Investigators examined a photograph taken by Susan that may depict a male ghost. However, the investigations suggested that it may have been taken from a television screen. It was three-dimensional and had reflected qualities, with horizontal lines across it.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 23, 1991 episode.
This location is included in "The National Directory Of Haunted Houses" by Dennis William Hauck.
Results: Unsolved. Members of the Kelsays have reported that "Samuel" followed them from the house to their new home.
Seven years old at the time of the hauntings, Dionysius revisited the house in 2011 and discovered it was still being used as a private residence. She had been 18 when her family was interviewed by Unsolved Mysteries. She's still in possession of the photo of "Samuel", reporting, "I'm (still) in possession of the negative taken from my mom's Kodak 110 camera. (She) was taking pictures in the living room of my newborn brother, Scottie, with stuffed animals. The negative strip's first photo was black, the second black, the third with the face of "Samuel", and the fourth was black. The negative could not be proved or unproved as fake. The picture was taken in 1982."