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Real Name: Kenneth Lynn Dungee
Nicknames: Kenny
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: December 23, 1988


Details: Nineteen-year-old Kenneth Dungee was a young student looking forward to college. On the afternoon of December 23, 1988, he joined his friends, Lavern Allen III, Kenneth Newkirk and Darius Bannerman, on a trip to do some late Christmas shopping. They planned to take an hour and a half drive from Greensboro to Raleigh along Interstate 40. Seventeen-year-old Lavern was driving his father's Plymouth Duster; he had just received a scholarship from the Air Force Academy. Nineteen-year-old Kenneth Dungee was an engineering student, who was planning to start college in the fall. Seventeen-year-old Kenneth Newkirk was in the back seat; he had recently received a scholarship to a local college. His seventeen-year-old cousin, Darius, was a high school basketball star. They had all been close friends for years.
While driving along Interstate 40, they passed by a car being driven by Grady Alexander. Seconds later, he noticed a blue Monte Carlo speeding past him, apparently following the Plymouth Duster. He noticed that it had Georgia license plates and that a man and woman were in it. At this point, the Plymouth Duster's occupants realized that it was closing in on them. Lavern tried to speed up, but it remained right behind their front bumper. Darius had taken a nap, but awoke to his friends talking about the car behind them.
All of a sudden, the Monte Carlo's driver hit the front end of his car into the back of the Plymouth Duster. Lavern sped up, weaving between cars in order to get the Monte Carlo away from them. However, it continued to follow them, extremely close behind. Darius noticed that the driver had an angry and crazy look on his face, as if they had done something to him.
The Monte Carlo's driver went around the side and side-swiped the Plymouth Duster. He then went behind them and hit the back again. After being struck from there several more times, Lavern lost control of the car and it went off the side of the road, flipped over, and landed in a field.
A few minutes later, at 2:30pm, police and paramedics arrived at the scene. Lavern was trapped in the car for a half hour. After being airlifted to a trauma center, his leg was amputated at the thigh. Kenneth Newkirk had a fractured skull and broken leg. Darius had a broken wrist and facial injuries. Sadly, Kenneth Dungee was pronounced dead at the scene.
Eyewitnesses described a man and woman in the Monte Carlo who briefly stopped and got out of it to look; the woman yelled for the man to get back in. They then did so and drove off. The police would like to speak to the driver.
Since Kenneth and his friends were African American, the accident was suspected to be racially motivated, but the killer(s) have yet to stand forward to take credit for the alleged attack.

Greensboro hit run1 suspect

A composite of the suspect

Suspects: The Monte Carlo had Georgia license plates and was driven by a man with dirty brown hair and a mustache. At the time, he appeared to be in his twenties. His female passenger had blonde or reddish hair. At the time, she also appeared to be in her twenties. They have never been identified.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 31, 1990 episode. For unknown reasons, a photograph of Kenneth was not shown. The ones of him and Kenneth Newkirk shown above were taken from Trace Evidence.
Results: Unsolved. Darius Bannerman has reported that he, Lavern, and Kenneth Newkirk have all started families and have successful careers. Unfortunately, he also noted that the killer(s) have never been located or identified.
However, a female informant did come forward, claiming that she knew the killer's identity. She claimed that he was a friend of her brother's. The unidentified suspect had told the informant's brother that he had committed the crime. He stated that he was a wanted fugitive on Unsolved Mysteries, and that he had ran a car of African American teenagers off the road. Since then, he has spent time in and out of prison. The informant has further stated that he looked identical to the suspect sketch. However, it is unknown if he was ever arrested or even questioned in this case.