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Deborah with (from left) Kimberly, Katie, and Kelly

Real Names: Kimberly, Katie, and Kelly Hurley
Case: Lost Daughters
Date: 1973
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Details: Deborah Hurley is searching for her three daughters, Kimberly, Katie, and Kelly. She and her husband divorced in 1973. He took them and she hasn't seen them since. She has since learned that they all attended a Catholic school in Del Ray Beach, Florida.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a part of the Special Live Broadcast on November 25, 1992.
Results: Solved. A viewer called the telecenter and said that her husband was a coworker of Kimberly's; she reported that Kimberly was married and had recently had a daughter. It was also reported that the girls were all living in Del Ray Beach, Florida. Reportedly, one contacted Deborah, while the other two did not. According to the same source, Deborah has since passed away.
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