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Real Name: Valerie Osborne
Aliases: Lena Regina Smith
Wanted For: Manslaughter, Assault, Larceny, Escape
Missing Since: August 27, 1976


Details: On July 25, 1970, twenty-five-year-old prostitute Lena Regina Smith stabbed her client, a Boston man named Walter Chize, to death. In August of 1971, she was arrested and charged with murder. She was later sentenced to eight-to-fifteen years in prison for manslaughter. She had a long criminal record, with previous convictions for prostitution, larceny, and assault.
On August 27, 1976, Smith escaped from the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Framingham and has not been seen since. It is believed that she is working as a truck driver.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a special alert in the February 8, 1989 episode, along with Thomas Nauss Jr., Carl Alfred Eder, and Joseph Mancini.
Results: Captured. Smith's real name was later determined to be Valerie Osborne. In November of 1993, she was arrested in Commerce City, Colorado. She was being investigated by authorities for selling stolen vacuum cleaners when authorities realized that she was a wanted fugitive. She was returned to Massachusetts and the same prison that she had escaped from seventeen years earlier.