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Leo Cisneros

Real Name: Leonardo Anselmo Cisneros
Aliases: Leo Cisneros, Paul Joseph Harvey
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: January 1994


Details: Previously wanted on drug charges, Leo Cisneros is wanted as a co-conspirator in the murder of thirty-eight-year-old Dr. Louis Davidson. At the time, Cisneros was dating his wife Denise. The former couple was involved in a bitter divorce. Davidson was killed in St. Petersburg, Florida on January 25, 1994, by two hit men, Tony McDonald and Robert Gordon. They were hired by Denise and Cisneros. Denise and the hit men have since been arrested, charged, and convicted of first-degree murder. However, Cisneros has yet to be apprehended for his part in the murder.
Extra Notes: The original airdate for this case is unrevealed; there are conflicting reports on whether or not it was actually on the show.
Cisneros was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted. The murder of Dr. Davidson was documented on an episode of Forensic Files.
Results: Wanted