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Real Name: Leslie Isben Rogge
Aliases: Donald K. Williams, Jay Carpenter, Bill Young
Wanted For: Armed Robbery, Escape
Missing Since: 1986


Details: In 1984, Leslie Isben Rogge was arrested after he robbed a bank in Key Largo, Florida. He was suspected of robbing at least twenty-five other banks. He was convicted of robbery and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, one year later, he escaped from a Utah penitentiary while awaiting a transfer to Iowa. After his escape, he allegedly robbed several banks, with one of the latest being in North Carolina in 1986. He was also reportedly seen at a marina in South Carolina in 1988. He is still at large and is believed to be with his wife Judy.
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the September 27, 1989 episode as part of an FBI Alert, along with Robert Dennie and Melvin Edward Mays.
He was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Captured. After the broadcast, several viewers identified Rogge and his wife as "Jimmy Lee and Elizabeth Kay Carpenter" living in Venore, Tennessee. However, by the time authorities responded, the couple had fled the area. They were later sighted in South Carolina and Kentucky. Finally, in May of 1996, Rogge surrendered in Guatemala after he was recognized by a neighbor, who had seen his picture on the FBI website. His case was the first to be solved as a result of the website. He was returned to the United States and convicted of several robberies. He is now serving a 65 year sentence.