Leticia hernandez

Leticia Hernandez

Real Name: Leticia Hernandez
Nicknames: Tita
Location: Oceanside, California
Date: December 16, 1989


Occupation: Minor
Date of Birth: December 14, 1982
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 60 pounds
Marital Status: Single

Characteristics: Hispanic female, brown hair and eyes. She usually wears her hair in a pigtail and is missing her two upper front teeth.


Details: At around 5PM on December 16, 1989, seven-year-old Leticia Hernandez was abducted from the front yard of her apartment which she shared with her parents, grandmother, and six siblings in Oceanside, California. Her mother had gone to the laundry room for about ten minutes. When she returned, she discovered that her daughter had vanished. Since then, there have been several reported sightings of Leticia with a man and a woman in their late twenties throughout the United States.
All of the sightings have occurred at either highway rest stops or gas stations. Most of the sightings occurred along Interstates 8 or 10; it appeared that the suspects were moving East. The last sighting occurred on January 1, 1990, off of Interstate 10 in Sealy, Texas, but Leticia has never been found.

Leticia hernandez abductors

Composites of Leticia's abductors

Suspects: The suspected abductors were a Caucasian man and woman. The man is in his early to mid-thirties (in 1990), 5'8", 200-250 pounds, with shoulder-length blond hair, and a tattoo of an outlined cross with writing inside on the back of one hand. The woman is approximately thirty-years-old (in 1990), 5'10", 130 pounds, has light-colored eyes, and collar-length, dirty bleached-blond hair.
They may be driving a 1975 Maroon Buick Skylark with tan leather or vinyl interior. The vehicle's license plate may contain the letters or numbers: "K R 9 6 6" or "C R 9 6 6".
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 24, 1990 episode as a roll call of missing children cases, along with Jessica Gutierrez, David Borer, and Malakia Logan. America’s Most Wanted also profiled Leticia's disappearance on February 4, 1990.
Results: Unresolved. There were a few more reported sightings of Leticia; some of the sightings were in Alabama in January and in Florida in March of 1990. However, on March 9, 1991, Leticia's remains were found off county Highway S16, twenty-three miles from where she was abducted. The medical examiner determined that she had died between three months and a year earlier. Further analysis of her skull showed that she died within three months of her disappearance. Red shorts were found with her remains; these were the same shorts that she was wearing when she vanished. This suggests that the eyewitness accounts may have been mistaken. Police believe that she was murdered, and are investigating the case as a homicide.
One suspect in Leticia's murder is a convicted child molester and alien smuggler who lived down the street from the Hernandez family. Although he claimed that he was out of town when Leticia vanished, witnesses and other evidence placed him in the area that day. The area where her remains were found was allegedly frequently used by smugglers. DNA from the crime scene was compared to the suspect, but the results were inconclusive. Although the man was investigated by a federal grand jury, he was never arrested.
Her mother, who was also named Leticia Hernandez, died in 1998, without ever learning who killed her daughter, and the case remains unsolved.