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Leticia Smith with her daughters, Isabell and Abigail

Real Name: Leticia Smith
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since May 2015


Details: Leticia Smith, thirty-three, was married to Antoine Smith, thirty-five. The couple had two daughters, Isabell and Abigail, who were nine and three, respectively. However, Leticia and Antoine's marriage was reportedly unhappy and often fought. On May 12, 2015, Police went to the family's home for a welfare check on Antoine as he failed to go work for the past few days and he wasn't seen by friends. Antoine was found dead in a bedroom. Leticia was ultimately charged in Antoine's murder and is believed to be traveling with her daughters in a 2010 silver four-door Honda Accord with license plate 7FBT742. Although it's believed that she wouldn't harm her daughters, Leticia is considered armed and dangerous.
Extra Notes: This case was not profiled on Unsolved Mysteries. However, the case was on two episodes of In Pursuit with John Walsh.
Results: Wanted