Lewis geigler

Real Name: Lewis Michael Geiger
Wanted For: Drug Trafficking, Posession
Missing Since: December 4, 1983


Details: Agents found $1 million worth of cocaine in the home of Lewis Michael Geiger in Cardiff by the Sea, California. He was released on bail but vanished on December 4, 1983. His boat was found abandoned four miles off the shore of Huntington Beach, California, with his wallet and spatters of human blood on board. His car and boat trailer were found near the Huntington Beach dock. U.S. Marshals believe that he faked his own death, as he was due in court the very next day.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a drug roll call in the November 8, 1989 episode, along with Douglas Alan Costa, Lavada Floyd, and Richard Green.
Results: Wanted. In 1992, Geiger's wife Birgit and brother Gerald petitioned to have the court declare him legally dead. The court, however, did not declare him dead and believed that there was enough evidence to indicate that he was still alive.

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