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Real Name: Linda Babb
Case: Psychic Instinct/ESP/Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Unrevealed
Date: March 1987


Details: In March of 1987, Linda Babb and her husband Dirk were preparing to adopt a baby. One night, she had a dream about a young woman giving birth. She remembered seeing that the baby had dark hair and was dark-complected. When she woke up, she noticed that it was 2:59 AM on March 8.
Six weeks later, the Babbs received a call from the adoption agency. There was a baby boy that was eligible to be adopted. When Linda saw the baby, she felt that he was the same baby that she had seen in his dream. She learned that he was born at the same time and date that she had her dream.
Eighteen months later, she was shown a photograph of her child with his birth mother. She realized that she was the woman that she had seen in her dream. This is just one of the many cases of mothers having psychic instincts with their children.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 23, 1994 episode about mother's psychic instinct, along with Carolyn Hebert and Elaine Emmi.
Results: Unsolved