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Luis Quezada

Real Name: Luie Alejandro Quezada
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Attempted Murder
Missing Since: September 26, 1996


Details: Gang leader Luie Quezada is wanted for the attempted murder of twenty-year-old Marine Joffre Ramos. Joffre was home on leave and attending a birthday party in Canoga Park, California on September 26, 1996, with several of his friends who were also Marines. They noticed that there were several rival gang members at the party. While there, a fight broke out between them causing Joffre and his friends to leave. After realizing he had forgotten his wallet, he returned to the house, though his friends drove off unaware of his absence.

Joffre Ramos

After locating his wallet, Joffre was threatened by gang leader Luie Quezada and two gang members. As he tried to scale a wall, he was pulled down by the attackers and severely beaten. At one point, Quezada picked up a wooden board and bashed Joffre's head open. The attackers left and Joffre was soon taken to the hospital. He was in a coma that doctors did not believe he would wake from. However, he survived the attack but has several complications due to it, and was forced to take an honorable discharge in the military. The two gang members were arrested, but Quezada vanished shortly after and is now wanted for attempted murder.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 22, 1998 episode.
Results: Captured. Quezada was on the run for five years when he was arrested in Mexico in 2001. He was found guilty of attempted murder among other charges and sentenced to twenty-one years in prison.