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Luis Gasparetto

Real Name: Luiz Antonio Gasparetto
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: 1960s to 2018


Details: Luiz Gasparetto is an artist who claims that he has been possessed by the spirits of deceased artists, and that they help him make replicas of famous paintings. He grew up in Sao Paulo; apparently, spiritual possessions run in his family. His mother, Zybia, has written thirteen books that she claims were channeled from the spirit world. When he was thirteen, he was overwhelmed with stress, sleeplessness, and troubles at school. Zybia took him to Madame Laise, one of the city's most well-known clairvoyants. While there, he began to feel pain in his hands and arms. Madame Laise believed that he would be able to channel writing, similar to Zybia. However, he suddenly began to draw; he had found his calling.
Luiz claims that over the past thirty years, he has channeled over 20,000 paintings from 50 different artists. In January 1995, Unsolved Mysteries filmed one of his painting sessions. During it, he completed six drawings and three paintings, most in less than five minutes. He easily moved from one artistic style to another. During the session, he claimed that he channeled seven different artists, including Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and Vincent Van Gogh.
U.S. art experts, however, are not convinced that Luiz is actually channeling these artists. They believe that he is channeling art through his subconscious. He claims that the artists are channeling through him to prove that there is life after death.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 24, 1995 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Sadly, Luiz passed away from cancer on May 3, 2018; he was sixty-eight.