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Lunersee Lake

Case File: Lunersee Lake Treasure
Location: Brand, Austria
Date: 1945
Description: Lunersee Lake is a pristine mountain lake near the Alberg Pass on the border with Switzerland. The treasure is supposed to be four boxes filled with fifty million dollars of jewelry, rare stamps and gold bars.


History: The legend of the Lunersee Lake Treasure comes from a physician named Dr. Wilhelm Gross who treated imprisoned Nazi criminals. An SS Officer from Dachau told him about a treasure that he had been carried from Dachau and buried near Brand, Austria. After burying the treasure, the four officers split up, with the SS Officer getting captured to share the tale. Gross shared the story with Dr. Edward Greger, a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, and they planned an expedition to find the buried loot, but by 1956, a dam in the area had increased the water level and all the surrounding land was now underwater. Furthermore, Dr. Gross mysteriously vanished sometime after. Federal employee, Robert F. Kesting, believes the story could be true because he found separate corroborating evidence in the testimony of Josef Jarolin, a sub-commander from Dachau, who gave testimony in being taken from the prison. Furthermore, Greger believed the treasure was still there, since by time it would have been safe to retrieve it, the dam would have already have been built and the returning officers could not have reached it. Several people have searched the area in the summer along the shore when the water level recedes.
Background: The treasure is said to have come from Dachau prison, carried from it by Colonel Frederick Viter, the commandant, and four of his officers shortly after the fall of Germany at the end of World War Two. The four boxes are believed to have been buried exactly halfway between a hut in line with the river.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: This case originally ran on the October 17, 1990 episode.
Results: Unsolved
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