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Rita, Steve, and Pam Madding

Real Names: Steven Ward, Rita Kay, and Pamela Ray Madding
Case: Lost Nieces, Nephew
Date: 1950s
Location: Powell, Wyoming


Details: Ethel Loraine Sheme of Powell, Wyoming, is searching for her nephew and nieces, Steve, Rita, and Pamela Madding. They were the children of her sister, Elnora Madding Hamilton. When Elnora and her husband divorced in the early 1950s, she took the children to Seattle. She then gave the children up for adoption. After Elnora passed away, Ethel began searching for the children.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 4, 1992 episode as part of a roll call of four Lost Love cases which also included James Russell, Darlene and Davida Ebmeier, and Thomas Manion.

Ethel with her nieces and nephews

Results: Solved. Thanks to viewers' tips, Ethel learned that Rita and Steve had been adopted by the same family, while Pam was adopted by a different family. Rita and Pam both live in Washington while Steve lives in Idaho. She was reunited with them at Sea-Tac Airport shortly after the broadcast.
Sadly, Ethel passed away in 2016; she was ninety-one.