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Mark newman and gerald levy

Real Names: Mark S. Newman and Gerald I. Levey
Case: Twin Phenomenon
Location: New Jersey
Date: 1953


Details: Mark Newman and Gerald Levey are identical twins who were separated at birth in 1953. For thirty-two years, neither knew the other existed, and when they first met in 1985, they realized that their similarities were more than skin deep. When they first looked at each other in the mirror, they felt spooked because of their similarites. Their seperate lives and personalities seem identical: they both are firefighters and worked in the lawn care industry, both are confirmed bachelors, both drink the same type of beer and carry their keys in the same manner. They were and still are surprised at how similar their lives are. Nobody can explain how despite being apart for so many decades, the brothers still lived such similar lives.
Extra Notes: This case was part of a two-part case on twins featured as a part of the May 2, 1990 episode, along with Donald M. and Louis G. Keith and Lavona and Lavelda Rowe-Richardson

Results: Unsolved