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Markia Benson

Real Name: Markia Benson
Nicknames: Kia
Location: Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania
Date: March 30, 2016


Details: When thirty-six year old Markia Benson uncharacteristically failed to show up for work, her boyfriend a one of her co-workers headed to her apartment. While Markia's car was still in the driveway, the apartment was locked. After gaining access to her apartment, The boyfriend and co-worker discovered that Markia's apartment was in a state of disarray with papers strewn about on the floor with chairs turned over. There was also hateful messages written on the walls with red lipstick. The boyfriend soon found the nude and mutilated body of Markia in the bathtub of running hot water. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was combination of blunt and sharp force trauma to the head and neck area, which was complicated by the immersion and scald burns from the boiling water.
Suspects: Investigators believe that whoever murdered Markia knew her on a personal level. An Ex-Boyfriend of Markia is considered a person of interest. He was abusive to Markia before she ended their relationship.
Extra Notes: This case was featured on the thirty-first episode of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, which was released on September 15, 2021.
Results: Unsolved