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Master Hong Liu

Real Name: Master Hong Liu
Occupation: Doctor
Place Of Birth: China
Date Of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: China, United States


Background: Master Hong Liu is a Chinese doctor who uses the ancient medical practice of Qi Gong to help heal his patients. Qi Gong is an ancient and mysterious art of controlling energy to help heal others which was and still is used by the Chinese.
When Liu was younger, he visited a Qi Gong master named Qang in a hidden cave. Liu learned about the mysterious healing powers of Qi Gong and how it can be used when modern medicine cannot help. For eight years, Liu worked with Qang to learn how to master Qi Gong. Liu uses a mixture of medicine and Qi Gong to treat various patients. Liu claims that he can simply look at his patients and determine where the Qi energy flow is blocked. He then uses his own Qi to help clear the path.
Liu notes that Western medicine should also be used along with his Qi Gong practices.

Qi Gong Practitioners

Case Files:

  • Selim Babac - an AIDS patient who, accompanied by his mother, visited Dr. Liu in December of 1994. At that point, Selim was in the final stages of AIDS; he was partially paralyzed, losing his vision, and diagnosed with PML, a deadly brain virus. Shortly after the beginning of the session, Liu's assistant removed Selim's leg brace. Next, Liu told him to rise. Amazingly, he was able to stand without support. It appeared as if Liu was using his energy to keep Selim standing. As a result of Dr. Liu's practices, Selim was able to improve; within six months, he had regained mobility on 80% of his left side. He can walk without a brace or crutch. His recovery amazed his Western doctors. However, he has passed away in 2000 from AIDS
  • Debi Patella - she has a bone marrow disease; she has used Qi Gong to help overcome the side effects of the drugs prescribed to her by her doctors. She claims that she had re-gained a great amount of energy from it.
  • Randy Hebert - a prostate cancer patient who visited Dr. Liu in 1993. Liu put him on a special diet and gave him treatment three times per week. After three months, Liu claimed that the cancer was gone. A biopsy confirmed Liu's diagnosis. Further biopsies confirmed that the cancer was completely gone.

Extra Notes: Master Hong Liu was featured as a part of a segment on Qi Gong on the November 22, 1996 episode. Sadly, Selim Babac passed away in 2000.