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Matt and Wendy Jameson

Real Name: Matthew and Wendy Jameson
Case: Treasure
Date: November 12, 1995
Location: Fair Oaks, California


Details: At around 10:30am on November 12, 1995, Matt and Wendy Jameson returned home from church and made a shocking discovery in their backyard: large amounts of twenty dollar bills had been dumped over their fence and scattered over the properties of a few neighbors. After collecting all of the bills, they counted them, which came to a total of $6500. At first, they were uncertain if they should go to the police or keep it. Eventually, they decided to go to the police and told them about it.
Several theories emerged about where the money may have came from, including that it was thrown out of an airplane or that it was possibly drug money. California law required them to place an ad in the local newspaper. It stated that the owner had ninety days to claim it. After the ninety day limit passed on March 1, 1996, the Jamesons were allowed to keep it. They used the discovered fortune to pay off her credit cards.. The source of the money remains unknown.
Extra Notes: The case first aired on the April 26, 1996 episode.
Results: Unsolved. The source of the money was never resolved. Mrs Jameson has since revealed that several neighbors had found money too but had "possibly already collected the money earlier in the day." 
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