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Michael Benka

Real Name: Michael Benka
Aliases: No known aliases
Wanted For: Rape, Child Molestation
Missing Since: June 1992


Details: Thirty-four-year-old New York City resident Michael Benka is wanted for raping his nine-year-old niece and molesting another niece and nephew. When he was charged with the rape in June 1992, he went on the run with his wife and twin sons.
Extra Notes: This case was first featured on the November 3, 1993 episode along with David MacLeod; Robert Fritch and Donald Alexander. It was excluded from the Amazon Prime and FilmRise episodes.  
Results: Captured. Benka was arrested and convicted of the charges in April 1995. He was given a six-to-twelve year sentence. He has since been released. He is currently listed as a sex offender and still lives in New York City.