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Michael Kurcsics

Real Name: Michael Kurcsics
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Nutley, New Jersey
Date: December 3, 1967


Details: At around 8:15am on December 3, 1967, five-year-old Michael Kurcsics went out to play with his older brother at a park in Nutley, New Jersey. As they were playing, he lost his footing and fell into a churning river. He was swept away and drowned. However, police could not locate his body. Two hours before his accident at 5:56am, psychic Dorothy Allison awoke from a horrific nightmare that predicted his death. She saw him in a pipe, and his hands were black, but there was a strange illumination of light. Police spent several weeks searching the river to no avail.
A month after Michael's death, Dorothy went to the police and insisted that someone listen to her story. Police were surprised when she described the exact clothes that Michael were wearing, even though this information was not released to the public. She noted that he had his shoes on the wrong feet. She also began seeing the number '120' and '8'. She was insistent that his body would be found behind a school. Also, other clues came up such as: the parking lot behind an ITT factory; lumber; and gold lettering on a window. Investigators believed that the number 120 might have been an address or the date January 20. Despite the clues, they were still unable to locate Michael's body.
Suspects: No foul play was suspected in Michael's disappearance.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 6, 1988 episode.
It was solved prior to the broadcast; it was profiled to demonstrate Dorothy's psychic abilities.
Results: Solved. On February 7, 1968, Michael's body was found in a drainpipe in Clifton, New Jersey; the main investigator on this case was told the news at 1:20pm, the same number that kept coming up in Dorothy's investigation. Several other clues that she mentioned had matched the recovery scene. Michael's body was found near Elementary PS 8 on the riverbank across the street from a lumberyard, next door to an office building with gold lettering on the window. Directly across the river was a ITT factory with its parking lot. Michael was wearing the same clothes as Dorothy described. Although his galoshes were on the correct feet, his under shoes were on the wrong feet.