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Michael McGuffey

Real Name: Michael Lee McGuffey
Aliases: Michael Lee Yoakum
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: September 1993


Details: Thirty-year-old Michael McGuffey is wanted for the 1993 murder of his ex-wife, Michelle "Shelley" Torres McGuffey. To most people, they appeared to be the happiest of couples. However, in reality, their relationship was marked from the beginning by allegations of abuse and violence. Finally, in 1993, Shelley filed for divorce after five years of marriage and one child. She did so even though Michael reportedly threatened to kill her if she left him.
Shelly started working at a restaurant in Mount Vernon, Washington as she planned to move out of town. Before she left, she told Michael to meet her at the restaurant so that they could file their final tax return. They agreed to meet on September 27, 1993. After she parked, she saw Michael approach her, so she locked her doors. She wanted to be in the restaurant with other people around because of his violent behavior. He convinced her to let him enter the car. Several witnesses watched them struggle and him shoot her several times at close range while she was seated in the car. He fled the scene on foot and has not been seen since. His car was later found at a motel in Everett.
McGuffey is an avid bodybuilder and considers himself a "ladies man". A reward is being offered in the case.

Michael and Shelley McGuffey

Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the December 15, 1995 episode. It was profiled on America’s Most Wanted during the investigation and documented I (Almost) Got Away With It after it was resolved.
Results: Captured. In November of 2001, Michael was arrested by the FBI in Guadalajara, Mexico thanks to a tip to America's Most Wanted. During his time on the run, he had married and had another child. He was extradited first to California and then to Washington. In 2002, he plead guilty to Shelley's murder. Disturbingly, he claimed that she "provoked" her own death. He was sentenced to twenty-six years and eight months in prison at Washington State Penitentiary. He will be eligible for release in 2028.