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Michael and donna

Michael Owen and his mother Donna

Real Name: Michael Owen
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Date: January 1998
Location: North Fort Myers, Florida


Details: Thirty-four-year-old Michael Owen of North Fort Myers, Florida, was a recovering alcoholic. His family was happy when he started attending AA meetings and got a job as a boat mechanic. Sadly, he lost his control and started drinking again. In January 1998, he died in a car accident. Two months later, his mother, Donna Theisen, was in a gift shop when she felt what she claims was an "emotional connection" with him. She claims that she picked up two porcelain cups from a rack. One of them said "I love you Mom" and the other one said "Michael"; she felt that this was his way of saying that he was okay.
Donna began receiving several other signs from Michael. While at a supermarket, she found a book that seemed out of place. She opened it and found a message on the front page that she believed was from him: "I am the Ancient Mariner who had a tale in his heart to be told to all. To someone I am always saying, Someday you must meet my mother." She was certain it was about him because he often referred to himself as the "Ancient Mariner".
Donna claims one night while she was working in her home office, she noticed that her digital clock was flashing "6:20". That was the same time that Michael's accident occurred. Fourteen months after his death, she said she heard his voice on her answering machine. The operator said that the message was recorded at 6:33, which was the time that he died. All it said was "Follow me". Afterward, Donna wrote a book called "Childlight" about her experiences with him. She is one of thousands of parents who believe that their children have contacted them from beyond the grave.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 6, 2001 episode, along with that of Wendy Throop. Some sources list Michael's last name as "Theisen".
Results: Unsolved. Sadly, Donna passed away in 2010.