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Real Name: Michaela Eisch
Nicknames: Micha
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: Mai 17, 1985


Eight-year-old Michaela Eisch vanished when she was picking up her mother from work while she was using the metro for the first time. Her body was found thirty days later on June 14, 1985. This is the only unsolved child murder in the history of Munich. The autopsy report revealed that Michaela was sexually abused and strangled.
Police weren't able to identify a suspect, although there was a photofit created by two women who separately saw Michaela with a strange man on the day of her disappearance.
In May 2011, authorities conducted a mass DNA test in a search for suspects. They contacted 1750 people who lived near Michaela's home back in 1985, and 1173 men voluntary gave their DNA sample, but no match could be found.

Michaele eisch phantombild.png

Suspects: An unidentified man has been discovered from a photo from the time of the case. The authorities are looking into identifying him as a possible suspect
Extra Notes: This case has not been covered on Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Unsolved