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A composite of the Milk Carton Bandit

Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: The Milk Carton Bandit
Wanted For: Armed Robbery
Missing Since: March 25, 1992


Details: At 10AM on March 25, 1992, a stranger pulled up to a branch of Bank of America in Ontario, California. He carried a gym bag and a plastic milk carton. After he entered the building, he used the carton to reach over the 3/4 high door and unlock it from the inside. This gave him access to the bank box depository area. Due to a mixture of timing and luck, he was able to enter the vault area prior to the security measures being enacted by the employees.
Two employees were in the vault at the time; he ordered them both to lie down on the floor. He then fit as much cash as he could into his gym bag. The employees noticed that he was very relaxed and knew exactly what was in the vault and what he wanted to do. The robber seemed to know exactly how much money had been delivered by armored car just minutes before. He also knew about a third money bag which he could not find in the vault. He asked one of the employees about it, but when the employee tried to look up at him, the robber violently kicked him in the stomach.
After collecting all the money, the robber quickly made his escape. In fact, he was so quick and efficient, no one else in the bank knew that the robbery was taking place. It is likely he had done much intelligence collection on the particular bank prior to the robbery, such as knowing when bank employees began and ended work, as well as being familiar with an office environment. Also, his quiet methods devoid of nervousness or excitement seemed to suggest that he had a criminal record, likely germane to larceny or robbery.
The robber stole approximately half a million dollars during the commission of his crime. Police composed a sketch of the man, but have not been able to positively identify him. He is described as being in his early thirties (in 1993), 6'4", 160 pounds, with a grayish blond full beard. To date, the "Milk Carton Bandit" remains a national fugitive.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 19, 1993 episode, along with the Grandpa Bandit.
Results: Wanted
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