Guerillmo, rosemary, and monica bonilla

Guillermo, Rosemary, and Monica Bonilla

Real Name: Monica Judith Bonilla
Case: Lost Daughter
Date: September 22, 1982
Location: Burbank, California


Details: Five-year-old Monica Bonilla was the daughter of Guillermo Ruiz Bonilla and Rosemary Levi. The couple began to have marital problems after Guillermo began to suffer from mental issues. According to Rosemary, he was a troubled man who became obsessed with John Lennon. He even changed his appearance to look like him. The bizarre behavior was too much for Rosemary and she asked for a divorce.
On September 22, 1982, Guillermo abducted Monica from Rosemary's home in Burbank, California. When she returned home from work, she discovered that all the furniture was gone and items related to their wedding were damaged. The next day, one of his relatives called Rosemary and told her that she would never see her daughter again. Guillermo and Monica have not been seen since. Since the kidnapping, Rosemary has remarried and had a son. She has spent over $20,000 searching for her daughter.
Suspects: Guillermo Bonilla
Extra Notes: This case was not originally featured on the show. Its update was featured on the February 6, 1991 episode.
Results: Solved. School officials from Vancouver, British Columbia were watching the November 21, 1990 episode about Nyleen Marshall and believed that one of their students was the missing child. Investigators did background checks on the girl, Mary Ann Kelly, and her father, Robert Kelly. The girl was not Nyleen; however, it was determined that she was in fact Monica and her father was Guillermo.
Guillermo was arrested and charged with parental child abduction. On December 22, 1990, Monica was reunited with Rosemary and her half-brother Dorian.

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