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Nasario Palacios

Real Name: Nasario Calderon Palacios
Aliases: Juvenito Calderon, Nasario Calderon
Wanted For: Vehicular Manslaughter, DUI Manslaughter
Missing Since: August 1992


Details: On August 22, 1992, thirty-seven-year-old Nasario Palacios was driving at a high speed southbound on Highway 101 in Ventura County, California. At around 9:40PM, his car hit a guard rail, flipped over, and landed on top of another car. The other car was driven by twenty-one-year-old Anthony Patrick Moya. Although he was wearing a seat belt, Anthony was thrown from his car and dragged along the freeway. He died by the time he arrived at the hospital. When Palacios was arrested at the scene, he was apparently so intoxicated that he passed out in the back of the patrol car. He was booked and released after three days in jail. He promptly disappeared and has not been seen since.
Palacios is wanted for vehicular homicide and felony DUI. He is 5'7" and weighs 130 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes and possibly has a scar on his forehead.

Anthony Moya

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 14, 1994 episode. It was shown as a part of the fugitive hotline, along with Alan Verl Sneed and Edward Zakrzewski.
Some sources spell his last name "Palacious".
Results: Wanted. As of a 1998 article, Palacios remains at large; he would now be in his fifties.