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Nicolai Levashov

Real Name: Nicolai Levashov
Occupation: Psychic Healer
Place Of Birth: February 8, 1961
Date Of Birth: Kislovodsk, Russia
Location: San Francisco, California


Background: Nicolai Levashov was a Russian occultist and psychic healer, who wrote several books on life in the universe, Slavic history, the origin of mankind on Earth and other topics. He was a physicist before he moved to the United States. He calls himself the "mind healer". He claimed that by moving his hands over people, he could transform damaged cells into healthy ones. He claimed to have cured hundreds of patients. Although he charges as much as $300 per fifteen-minute session, he sometimes adjusts his fee according to his patient's financial situation.
One of Nicolai's patients was a young girl named Isabelle Prichard. She was born happy and healthy, however, at just two months old, an ominous bulge appeared on her forehead. She became wracked with pain. Her doctors discovered a malignant growth that required immediate surgery. A fist-sized tumor was removed from her skull. Tragically, it was malignant; there was no way to stop it from recurring. On two occasions, her parents had to take her back for surgery. Both times, the tumor had reappeared.
Finally, Isabelle's parents contacted Nicolai. They had heard about him from a relative in San Francisco. After her first visit with the healer, she vomited and had diarrhea for a full day. Surprisingly, Nicolai was pleased. He claimed that these ailments showed that his "powers" were working. He also claimed that this needed to be done to remove toxins from her system.
For three months, Isabelle visited Nicolai every day. Even when the Prichards flew home to Iowa, the treatments continued, with Nicolai making gestures over the phone. The vomiting and diarrhea continued. Her parents had trouble believing that the "treatments" were helping. Two months later, they received bad news: the tumor had grown and the pressure on her brain was threatening to kill her. She had to undergo surgery again.
Nicolai promised that he would be able to help Isabelle. When she underwent her fourth surgery, her doctor discovered that the tumor had changed. It was not growing the same that it was during the previous three times. However, her pathology report showed that cancer cells were still there. The Prichards called Nicolai; he told them not to worry. He claimed that with the tumor gone, he could prevent it from coming back.
The psychic healing continued in person and over the phone. Three months after surgery, Isabelle had another CAT scan. Remarkably, it showed for the first time that her tumor had not grown back. Her family was overjoyed; her doctors were unable to explain what had cured her. As of 1999, she was an active five-year-old who showed little effects of the disease that once threatened her life.
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  • Isabelle Prichard

Extra Notes: This case first aired of the April 9, 1999 episode.
Nicolai passed away on June 11, 2012.