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Nova and Sue Anderson

Real Name: Nova the Cat
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Date: July 16, 1993
Location: Modesto, California


Details: In the spring of 1992, Sue Anderson and her five cats, Puss, Cinderella, Wolly Booger, Nova, and Stardust, went on a cross-country trip from Baltimore, Maryland, to Modesto, California. Sue had a particular closeness with Nova, a black Shorthair who was abandoned outside of her home four years earlier. Near the end of the trip, Sue noticed that Nova was acting strangely. At a rest stop in Bakersfield, 200 miles from Modesto, Nova disappeared. She searched for an hour but could find no trace of her.
A few weeks later, Sue started a job in San Jose. A co-worker gave her a picture of a black cat. She hoped that one day, Nova would return. One year passed; then, on July 16, 1993, Sue came across two stray cats outside of work. Amazingly, one of the cats was Nova. She identified the cat as Nova based on a mole in her ear and several white spots on her neck. Somehow, Nova traveled 250 miles away to find Sue. Sue believes that a special connection between her and Nova helped guide her back to her.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 2, 1994 episode along with Lady.
Results: Unsolved