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Ora Prince and her son Willy

Real Name: Ora Armenthia Prince
Aliases: Ora Lewis
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: October 16, 1993


Details: Thirty-nine-year-old Ora Prince and her ten-year-old son Willy Brookshire Jr. lived at a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas. In October of 1993, they planned to leave the shelter and move into an apartment. However, on October 21, Willy was found dead under a pile of clothes in one of the shelter's closets. Although a cause of death could not be determined, authorities believed that Willy had been murdered.
Authorities soon discovered that on the morning of October 16, Ora had left the shelter with her life savings. She got into a cab, planning to go to Georgia, and vanished. Although a motive could not be discovered, investigators learned that Ora felt that Willy was a burden and that she did not want him. Some believe that this may have caused her to kill her child. She is now wanted for her son's murder.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the FBI Alert on May 25, 1994. Also featured were Joseph Gardner, Floyd Travers, Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis.
Results: Captured. In May of 1998, FBI agents tracked Ora Prince to a woman's shelter in Seattle, Washington, where she was arrested and charged with her son's murder. In April of 1999, Ora pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to forty years in prison. She was denied parole in 2018; she will next be eligible in 2020.