Ray pamela

Pamela June Ray

Real Name: Pamela June Ray
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Panama City, Florida
Date: August 12, 1992


Occupation: Unrevealed
Date of Birth: October 3, 1955
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Marital Status: Married
Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. She has a scar on her head.


Details: On the night of August 11, 1992, Pamela Ray and her two children left their home in Atlanta, Georgia, on a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. Her husband was not able to come due to work. When they arrived in Panama City, however, she was unable to find a vacant motel room. At 3:30AM, she parked in front of the White's Motel and Apartments. Several witnesses observed her sitting in her car around 5AM. She was seen again at 5:25AM by a police officer on routine patrol. He noticed her standing next to her vehicle, speaking to a man nearby.
At 5:30AM, she left her children sleeping in the parking lot and walked through the building's lobby to the swimming pool. A man appeared to be following her. After that, she mysteriously vanished, leaving her children behind. They were found by a police officer at 8AM that morning.
Since she left her children, purse, and keys behind, the police fear she might have met with dire consequences. This was all but confirmed when they learned that witnesses at the motel had heard a woman screaming for help at 5:30AM, the time that she was last seen. However, since the rooms did not have phones, the screams went unreported. Rain swept through the area shortly after, washing away any potential evidence.
Pamela's family hopes that she can still be found alive.
Suspects: An unidentified Caucasian male was seen with Pamela shortly before she disappeared. The man was described as 6'0" and 150 lbs. Police are uncertain if he has anything to do with Pamela's disappearance. The same man was reportedly seen urinating in public earlier that morning.
One suspect in the case was a twenty-nine-year-old man who was arrested just one day after Pamela's disappearance. He was charged in the kidnapping and rape of a Chipley woman which occurred in March of 1992. The man allegedly abducted her from a convenience store, hit her on the head with a bottle and chocked her into unconsciousness. He then took her into a wooded area and raped her. Although he threatened to kill her, she convinced him to let her go. She later identified him in a photo-lineup, but he was released due to discrepancies between himself and her description of her assailant.
Interestingly, Pamela and her family members had been indicted on bank fraud charges shortly before she vanished. A bank employee had accidentally wired money to Pamela's father. He, Pamela, and several other relatives had spent some of the money. However, investigators do not believe that the charges were related to her disappearance.
Extra Notes: This segment ran on the December 2, 1992 episode.


Mark Riebe

Results: Unsolved. In 1999, convicted killer Mark Riebe confessed to killing Pamela. However, he later recanted his statement. Interestingly, Riebe is the killer of Donna Callahan, who was featured on another Unsolved Mysteries segment. Police still consider him a suspect in Pamela's case; they also believe that he is a serial killer. Her family also believes that Riebe is responsible.
In 2000, skeletal remains were found just 100 yards from the area where Donna was found. Police suspected that the remains belonged to Pamela; however, this was later ruled out. In another interesting coincidence, these bones were found by Eagle, a cadaver dog who was also featured on Unsolved Mysteries. Eagle's owner Sandra Anderson was later accused of planting human bones at crime scenes for her dog to find.