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Pat Fagan

Real Name: Patricia Fagan
Aliases: Pat Fagan, Patricia Long, Patricia Ott, Patricia Shaver, Patricia Chamberlain
Wanted For: Abduction
Missing Since: October 1988


Details: Pat Fagan is wanted for abducting her three-year-old son, Brandon, from his father, Michael. He was from Albuquerque, New Mexico and sh was a divorced mother of two from San Francisco, California. They met at a chiropractic seminar in 1983. Both had recently taken their state licensing exams and were awaiting their results. Michael recalled that their first date didn't go well, but he decided to ask Pat out again. During the second date, they got along well and decided to continue dating.
In January 1984, Michael and Pat moved in together in Oroville, California. Both had passed their exams and were licensed to practice in California. Strangely, Pat refused to work in her chosen field and took a job as a waitress. In September 1984, they married. Five months later, Pat became pregnant.
In spring 1985, Pat's son and daughter from her previous marriage came to live with he and Michael. He noticed that he did not have a good relationship with them and often got into arguments with them. He even recalled that when she talked about them as young children, she referred to them as "inconveniences". Within a year, she decided that she could no longer cope with them. She sent them back to live with their father, Roger, in Kansas City.
On October 19, 1985, Brandon was born. Early in the pregnancy, Pat had contemplated an abortion. Ultimately, she decided that having Brandon would strengthen her relationship with Michael. However, according to him, Brandon's presence soon made matters worse for her and the marriage began to deteriorate. She would often make him change Brandon's diapers.
One day, Michael recalled that Pat told him, "I know this is going to sound strange; most women are jealous of other women, but I'm jealous of that baby." A few days later, she confessed to him that, since she had gotten rid of her other children, she wanted to "get rid" of Brandon and put him up for adoption. For Michael, there was nothing to discuss; the answer was no.
A short time later, in mid-January 1986, Pat moved out. Desperate to hold his family together, Michael assured her that he would not file for divorce, but would give her time to "find herself". For the next two-and-a-half years, he raised Brandon by himself. In 1988, Pat asked him if he would take her back. He agreed to a reconciliation, on the condition that they seek family counseling.
Michael and Pat started seeing therapist Dr. Jann McCord in August of 1988. Their presenting complaint was that they were having difficulty in their marital relationship and would like to work on it and become a family again. Dr. McCord recalled that Pat appeared to be a very angry person who was disturbed about the direction the relationship was going. She also apparently wasn't sure if it would go anywhere at all.
A few weeks later, Michael received word that his critically ill brother was near death. He made plans to travel to Everett, Washington. Pat told him that she planned to take Brandon to Kansas City for a visit so that he could meet his stepsiblings for the first time. On October 27, 1988, Michael took them to the airport and said goodbye to them.
Sadly, by the time Michael made it to Everett, his brother had died. After attending the funeral, he returned home. When he came inside, he expected Pat and Brandon to be there. However, he could not find them. He then found a note from Pat, in which she said how they had been separated for three years and his life had gone well while her life had not. She then said, "I know you are not going to take care of me. Therefore, I am taking your son."
Michael was in complete shock and had no idea what to do. Dr. McCord was also shocked because she thought that they were working things out well. Pat and Brandon have not been seen since October 27, 1988. To this day, she has not contacted Michael. Police fear that she may have put Brandon up for adoption. Investigators noted that it is cumbersome to go on the run with a child, and that it may have been easier for her to give him away rather than keep him with her.
Pat has been charged with illegally taking a child and unlawful flight. She is an expert at acquiring false IDs.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 27, 1991 episode.

Fagan after her arrest

Results: Captured. The night before the broadcast, Pat surrendered to FBI agents in Las Vegas, Nevada after seeing a promotional announcement for it She was living there with Brandon under the assumed name "Teresa Byrne". Shortly afterward, he and Michael were reunited.
Five months later, on August 16, 1991, Pat pleaded guilty to parental kidnapping. She was sentenced to one year in prison and five years' probation. Michael was granted sole custody of five-year-old Brandon.